Empowerment Learning For
Self-Navigation and Life Success

We all hope for the abilities to manage our time, organization, and individual learning to ensure that we are learning optimally, but sometimes we take these abilities for granted. When a problem in one of these areas arises, we often aren’t sure where to even begin searching for an answer.

Be your own Learning Architect and create your life success one MINDFULL block at a time.

Learning ProcessResearch in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and education is helping us to better understand how each of us varies in our learning. We now know that these and other areas of concern can be strengthened through strategies for improving attention, memory, production, skill acquisition, and executive functioning in a person’s academic, personal, and professional lives.

OPENMIND, a community resource, provides a partnership for the Learner and a profile framework for life through learning modules. These modules assess success factors for career and academic achievement, as well as personal development for K-12 and Young Adults. To maximize the Learner’s performance, personalized training is conducted, incorporating strategies based on the module findings. OPENMIND’s specialized training methods help build a foundation of knowledge and confidence when learning. These innovative, educational, cognitive training methods take learning to a new level.

This process of educational consulting, life vision planning, and performance strategy training helps empower individuals to overcome any choices they make or learning obstacles that may be standing in the way of their success. OPENMIND aims to help individuals become self-directed, academically proficient, and more successful in life.